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TU186: Disarming Human Defenses - Harnessing Healthy Aggression with Jeanne Bunker, Session 4 of 5 (

I’ve had many clients come to me dissatisfied, unhappy, wanting to be free of issues that keep them from having what they want in their relationships with others, themselves, or in their careers.  Perhaps you have a growing awareness that things aren’t working as well as you’d hoped, and you want more for your life.  Maybe you’re sad or scared, angry all the time.  You’ve found yourself coping through behaviors that undermine your well-being.  You overwork, but feel compelled to work more. 

The process of psychotherapy helps us to deeply understand our own minds, thoughts and feelings.  While we can never erase past issues, we can have greater freedom from those old roles and messages.  We find we have more choices than we ever realized.  We can increase our bandwidth, facilitating tolerance of greater experiential current.  Life may be dull or overwhelming at times, but within a rich and full context, including the entire spectrum of human emotion.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.
       -- Andy Warhol

We begin with a phone consultation where we talk about what you’re looking for, and I share what I offer.  We decide whether to set up an initial interview from there.  You can reach me at 512-328-3947.  

We relate with ourselves, with others and with the world in general.  We’re complicated.  Sometimes the voices in our head encourage growth and creativity, sometimes the voices and old patterns inhibit our ability to have the life we want.  We may have conflicting impulses or contradictory motives. Interpersonal relating can be confusing and mysterious.  How do relationships deepen?  You might want deeper connections, or better boundaries.  Sometimes we want both with the same person. 

You might be facing a personal or spiritual crisis, asking existential questions about meaning and purpose.  You might feel lost, disconnected from your path.  These areas of interest need airtime, too. Group, Relationship and Individual Therapy address these multi-layered concerns and facilitate an increased capacity to experience and tolerate the ebbs and flows of real life. 

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song.    -- Maya Angelou 

We each have a song – or several.  Let’s work together to strengthen your voice. 

Individual Therapy:  We talk together at scheduled times.  We talk about everything.  The idea here is that if we study your feelings, thoughts and impulses, we can understand what the dynamics are that impinge upon you, leading to less emotional stagnation and greater psychological mobility. 

Group Therapy:  This is where we have some fun, so to speak.  We have the opportunity to observe in vivo how others impact you and how you impact others.  This can lead to a better relationship with yourself, your lover, your friends, and even your boss. 

Relationship Therapy:  So you’re in a relationship, but you’re not sure what to do with it.  Established or new, relationships bring out our best and worst selves.  Through exploring the perspectives and layers of reality, we begin to unwind the tangle that couples can find themselves in.  We build your relating and communication skills through specific behaviors, establishing a reinforced foundation to rest your relationship upon.  Gay, strait, bi, trans or poly – all love relationships have ups and downs and sometimes steep learning curves. 

I also work with people who are not romantically involved such as siblings, friends, and coworkers.  If you’re interested in working through issues, gaining clarity about your expectations and roles, and creating a more functional relationship, this may be a useful option for you.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, TX #23515
Certified Group Psychotherapist
American Group Psychotherapy Association - Fellow
Master of Science in Social Work 1993
University of Texas at Austin - School of Social Work

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